Brad D. Smith

Former CEO of Intuit & Co-Founder of The Wing 2 Wing Foundation. Powering possibility and leveling the playing field through education, entrepreneurship, and equal opportunity.


Most people know of Brad D. Smith because of his former role as Intuit’s CEO. A proud West Virginia native with a passion for philanthropy and leadership, Smith is branching out from his corporate leadership role, focusing on his new project, The Wing 2 Wing Foundation. Partnering with his wife, Alys, Smith is working to create entrepreneurial support and guidance to young and aspiring business leaders from lesser-known zip codes.


Under Smith’s 11 year leadership as Intuit’s CEO, he transformed the company from a North American desktop company to a global cloud product and platform company that offers household name services like QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint. Through his decade plus of transformative service, Smith retained and fostered the company’s core values and character that has placed it on “Best Places to Work” lists year after year. Learn more about his leadership lessons and what’s next for Brad D. Smith.


Life after Intuit hasn’t signaled a slowdown of any kind for Brad D. Smith. The Smiths have founded The Wing 2 Wing Foundation. The organization’s goal is to advance the great equalizers of education and entrepreneurship in regions where individuals and communities have been overlooked and underserved. In doing so, they strive to champion human dignity and unleash human potential.

“Talent is dispersed equally, but opportunity is not,” Smith often says. 

Through the same compassionate leadership and passion for giving back, the Smiths seek to live by their favorite quote: “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

Explore The Wing 2 Wing Foundation here.

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I’m often asked what skill, experience or attribute I find most important in today’s fast-changing environment. Admittedly, my answers have evolved over the past 35 years of my professional career. Looking back, it has become clear that one skill stands the test of time, and I believe will be increasingly in-demand as we push ahead in the 21st Century. That skill is agility.

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Brad D. Smith Delivers Special Commencement Speech for UVA Wise


The graduating class of 2020 experienced a variety of challenges as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. From stay-at-home orders and having classes interrupted, to cancelled spring break plans and virtual graduation, this group of students had to overcome various hurdles as they graduated and pursued future endeavors. To honor them, the University of Virginia’s College at Wise held an in-person commencement ceremony on May 9, 2021, at Carl Smith Stadium. Brad D. Smith was a part of this special ceremony, where he delivered the commencement address via video to the graduating class.

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Brad D. Smith Participates in Beyond The Cloud Discussion


On March 17, 2021, Brad D. Smith participated in the West Virginia Public Education Collaborative’s Focus Forward event. The event focused on the National Weather Service’s available data that could benefit innovators and businesses. Focus Forward aims to bring together business, education and government leaders to discuss forward-thinking ideas and how to implement them in West Virginia.

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Brad D. Smith Keynotes The Virtual 3 Steps to StartUp Venture Fair


On March 9-10, 2021, the virtual 3 Steps to StartUp Venture Fair featured experienced investors, innovators and entrepreneurs who offered advice on starting a business and attracting investors.

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The Power of Storytelling to Build a Coalition of Minds, Hearts and Hands


Shaping culture, catalyzing change and building coalitions of the willing share one thing in common – they are the outcomes of successful storytelling. A leader’s ability to organize details that create an emotional arc and result in visible progress and change in the receiver(s) is the most under-rated tool in a leader’s toolbox.

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Tech Leaders Hopeful For West Virginia’s Future Economy


When you think of technology companies and revolutionary innovation, West Virginia likely isn’t the hub that pops into your mind. That could all change in the future; at least according to several optimistic West Virginia tech experts. In an article published by the State Journal, Anne Barth, TechConnect Executive Director, and Jim Estep, President and CEO of the High Technology Foundation in Fairmount, shared their thoughts on some big changes that will impact West Virginia’s role in the tech industry.

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