Brad D. Smith

Former CEO of Intuit & Co-Founder of The Wing 2 Wing Foundation. Powering possibility and leveling the playing field through education, entrepreneurship, and equal opportunity.


Most people know of Brad D. Smith because of his former role as Intuit’s CEO. A proud West Virginia native with a passion for philanthropy and leadership, Smith is branching out from his corporate leadership role, focusing on his new project, The Wing 2 Wing Foundation. Partnering with his wife, Alys, Smith is working to create entrepreneurial support and guidance to young and aspiring business leaders from lesser-known zip codes.


Under Smith’s 11 year leadership as Intuit’s CEO, he transformed the company from a North American desktop company to a global cloud product and platform company that offers household name services like QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint. Through his decade plus of transformative service, Smith retained and fostered the company’s core values and character that has placed it on “Best Places to Work” lists year after year. Learn more about his leadership lessons and what’s next for Brad D. Smith.


Life after Intuit hasn’t signaled a slowdown of any kind for Brad D. Smith. The Smiths have founded The Wing 2 Wing Foundation. The organization’s goal is to advance the great equalizers of education and entrepreneurship in regions where individuals and communities have been overlooked and underserved. In doing so, they strive to champion human dignity and unleash human potential.

“Talent is dispersed equally, but opportunity is not,” Smith often says. 

Through the same compassionate leadership and passion for giving back, the Smiths seek to live by their favorite quote: “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

Explore The Wing 2 Wing Foundation here.

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The Five of Principles Leadership: Principle #5 is PAY-IT-FORWARD


In an earlier post, I shared a definition of leadership that I believe best articulates what is required for leaders to succeed in the fast-moving 21st Century. In doing so, I foreshadowed a framework derived from more than three decades of benchmarking, learning, applying and adapting. I call it “The Five Principles Leadership” – Potential, Purpose, People, Playbook, Pay-It-Forward, and committed to devoting the next five articles to diving deep into each of these “P’s”, sharing lessons learned, best practices and pragmatic tips for implementing the model in our daily leadership habits and organizations.

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Brad D. Smith Attends Marshall University’s #WVSolutions Seekers Student Leadership Conference


On November 20th, Brad D. Smith joined Marshall University’s president, Jerome A. Gilbert, for an interview as part of the first #WVSolutions Seekers Student Leadership Conference. The event invited West Virginia high school upperclassmen, college students, and individuals enrolled in professional training programs to engage with local leaders over Zoom. With a shared passion for giving back, West Virginia natives Brad and Gilbert encouraged students to learn about the Mountain State and make lasting connections with fellow attendees.

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Brad D. Smith Visits West Virginia University to Inspire Future Leaders of the Digital Workforce


Jake Stump, director of research communications at West Virginia University, recently wrote an article in WVU’s Business Magazine about Brad D. Smith’s visit to campus in March of 2020. Before the COVID-19 pandemic fully hit the U.S., Stump joined faculty, staff, and students in welcoming Brad by giving him a tour of the WVU Innovation Hub. They asked the chairman of Intuit and SurveyMonkey board member about his personal relationship to West Virginia and his plans for improving professional and economic opportunities in Appalachia.

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The Five Principles Leadership: Principle #4 is PLAYBOOK


The importance of playbook was instilled in me at an early age when I enrolled as a martial arts student. To progress from the beginner rank of white belt to gold belt, I was expected to complete a series of skill tests which included breaking a board with my hand. Prior to enrolling in the class, I had many childhood memories of attempting to break sticks and other objects with my hand, only to experience intense pain and an unbreakable object. This time would be different, thanks to the introduction of a playbook.

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The Five Principles of Leadership: Principle #3 is PEOPLE


One of the best examples of getting this right was the 1980 U.S Men’s Olympic Hockey Team. When college coach Herb Brooks was hired to helm the 1980 U.S. Men’s Olympic Hockey Team, he set out to assemble a team of college all-stars with a singular goal of uniting his squad against a common foe, the heavily-favored Soviet team. As the story goes, Brooks invited the top players in the country to try-out for the team, and in an unexpectedly short period of time, made his selection.

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Brad D. Smith Honored By WV Chamber of Commerce’s Debut Magazine


In a recent issue of Chamber, Jack Houvouras, publisher of West Virginia Chamber and Huntington Quarterly magazines, wrote a compelling article about the life and career of Brad D. Smith. Inspired by Brad and his wife, Alys Smith’s recent $25 million donation to West Virginia University, Houvouras explores Brad’s personal and professional journeys to get a clearer understanding of the former Intuit CEO’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit.

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