Brad D. Smith

President of Marshall University, Co-Founder of the Wing 2 Wing Foundation and former executive leader. Powering possibility and leveling the playing field through education, entrepreneurship and equal opportunity.


While most people know of Brad D. Smith from his time spent as Intuit’s CEO and later executive chairman, his most recent work is rooted in academia and philanthropy. A proud West Virginia native with a passion for leadership and driving positive change, Brad is serving his home state as the President of Marshall University and the Co-Founder of the Wing 2 Wing Foundation. In both roles he is working to create and provide entrepreneurial support and guidance for young and aspiring business leaders from lesser-known zip codes.

Marshall University

Brad graduated from Marshall University in 1986 and has since remained an active member of the Marshall community. In 2021, Brad was unanimously selected to be the institution’s 38th president during a Board of Governors meeting. Brad’s ultimate goal as the university’s leader is to leverage the school as a great equalizer, transforming obstacles into potential and possibility.

Prior to his current appointment, Brad proactively sought out ways to support the school over the years. In 2015, Brad and his wife, Alys, established the Brad D. and Alys Smith Family Scholarship, and in 2018 the couple made a transformational gift to the university’s college of business.


Brad and his wife Alys are both passionate about uplifting the place that Brad has always known as home: the state of West Virginia. It is what drove Brad to pursue his role at Marshall University and what inspired the couple to found their own nonprofit organization. In 2019 the Wing 2 Wing Foundation was created to advance the great equalizers of education and entrepreneurship in regions where individuals and communities have been overlooked and underserved. In doing so, they strive to champion human dignity and unleash human potential.

“Talent is dispersed equally, but opportunity is not,” Brad often says. 

Through the same compassionate leadership and passion for giving back, Brad and Alys seek to live by their favorite quote: “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

Explore The Wing 2 Wing Foundation here.

Executive Leadership

Much of Brad’s leadership career was defined by his time at Intuit. While he held several leadership positions at Intuit during his 19-year tenure, the majority of his time was spent as the company’s CEO and, finally, Executive Chairman. Brad is credited with having transformed the company from a North American desktop company to a global cloud product and platform company that offers household name services like QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint. Through his decade plus of transformative service, Brad retained and fostered the company’s core values and character that placed it on “Best Places to Work” lists year after year. Learn more about his leadership lessons and tenure as an executive leader.

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