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Brad D. Smith Honored By WV Chamber of Commerce’s Debut Magazine


In a recent issue of Chamber, Jack Houvouras, publisher of West Virginia Chamber and Huntington Quarterly magazines, wrote a compelling article about the life and career of Brad D. Smith. Inspired by Brad and his wife, Alys Smith’s recent $25 million donation to West Virginia University, Houvouras explores Brad’s personal and professional journeys to get a clearer understanding of the former Intuit CEO’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit.

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The Five Principles of Leadership: Principle #2 is PURPOSE


In an earlier post, I shared a definition of leadership that I believe best articulates what is required for leaders to succeed in the fast-moving 21st Century. I foreshadowed a framework derived from more than three decades of benchmarking, learning, applying and adapting. I call it “The Five Principles of Leadership” – Potential, Purpose, People, Playbook, Pay-It-Forward, and committed to devoting the next five articles to diving deep into each of these “P’s”, sharing lessons learned, best practices and pragmatic tips for implementing the model in our daily leadership habits and organizations. This is the second of the deeper dive articles – defining a common purpose.

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Brad D. Smith Honored as WVU December 2020 Commencement Speaker


West Virginia University (WVU) recently invited Brad D. Smith, a native of Kenova, WV, to take part in their December 2020 graduating class’s celebration. As the remote event’s commencement speaker, Brad spoke to the students’ opportunity to thrive despite challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. He described how their experiences adapting to current adversity can instill some of the most important professional skills available: adaptability, resilience, and purpose.

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The Five Principles of Leadership: Principle #1 is POTENTIAL


In my most recent post, I shared a definition of leadership that I believe best articulates what is required for leaders to succeed in the fast-moving 21st Century. In the article, I deconstructed the various attributes necessary for a leader to role model “the ability to inspire others to achieve shared objectives.” In doing so, I foreshadowed a framework derived from more than three decades of benchmarking, learning, applying and adapting to bring it to life.

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The Five Principles of Leadership: Defining Leadership


Since childhood, I’ve been enamored by those who seemed to run towards danger, guide others to safety or success, and deflect any accolades that came their way. As a boy, that was my definition of leadership. Over the years, many articles, books and presentations have been published that seek to define and decode the essence of successful leadership. While their numbers surpass my ability to read or listen to them all, I will confess that I’ve devoted a significant portion of my life to doing so.

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West Virginia Chamber Fireside Chat with Brad D. Smith


On September 9, 2020, Brad D. Smith sat down for a Q&A session with writer and fellow Marshall University alumnus, Jack Houvouras, for the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Virtual Business Summit Series. Brad spoke about his personal and professional reasons for transitioning from Intuit’s CEO, including his desire to seek out his next exciting life challenge along with his wife, Alys.

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Alys and Brad D. Smith: Creating An Outdoor Economic Collaborative


Brad D. Smith, executive chairman of Intuit, and his wife, Alys, recently donated $25 million dollars to West Virginia University to support groundbreaking new programs that improve the state’s economy, establish first-rate recreational infrastructure, and improve access to opportunities to explore and learn in nature.

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Leading Through A Crisis: Bad Times, Followed By Good Reflection, Lead to Great Opportunity


The year 2020 has challenged us in ways that we could not predict, requiring us to improvise and adapt along the way. As we’ve experimented our way from day to day, many individuals have shared their reflections and best practices for navigating through a crisis. In this article, I will attempt to codify/share the key leadership lessons I have embraced so that bad times, followed by good reflection, can lead to great opportunity.

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Wing 2 Wing Foundation Website Launch


After careful development, Intuit’s executive chairman Brad D. Smith and his team are proud to announce the launch of the Wing 2 Wing Foundation website. Co-founded by Brad and his wife, Alys Smith, the Foundation strives to support human potential and growth with guidance through philanthropy and experienced leadership. By establishing an online presence, the Wing 2 Wing Foundation can more effectively connect people and fulfill its mission to bring greater educational, entrepreneurial, and environmental opportunities to those underserved regions that need it most.

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Moves The Needle & Brad D. Smith Podcast Recap


In a recent interview with Moves The Needle, Brad D. Smith shares his experience as a leader, educator, and executive. Brad speaks about what an empathic and productive leader looks like for businesses and beyond. With a rich personal history of meeting challenges in the workplace and changing executive roles, he talks about what makes a leader effective when helping produce innovation and while cultivating these skills in others.

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Brad D. Smith Honored With 2020 Champion of Children Award


On October 6, 2020, West Virginia KIDS COUNT (WVKC) honored Brad D. Smith with the Champion of Children Award for his ongoing commitment to developing education-based and economic opportunities within the mountain state. WVKC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with over 30 years of experience meeting the needs of children and families. It is a member of the larger KIDS COUNT network with offices nationwide.

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Brad D. Smith & HERD 20-20 Webinar Recap


In a recent Q&A interview with Marshall University as part of the HERD 20-20 webinar series, Brad D. Smith provides his perspective as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and education-focused business leader. Brad offers his insight on multiple topics related to large and small businesses surviving and prospering during the pandemic, and he discusses how other corporate leaders are developing and deploying strategies for effective recovery.

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Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood – A case study for today’s leaders


In today’s increasingly chaotic and unpredictable world, a premium is being placed on the attributes and actions of our leaders. While some may argue that this is not a new expectation, the reality is that 2020 has brought an unanticipated share of challenges that have tested new and seasoned leaders in ways that could have never been imagined.

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How to Discover Your Why: What I Learned From My Transition From CEO

10/21/2019 - LinkedIn Article

After stepping down from eleven years as Intuit’s CEO, Brad D. Smith realized that his decision, while the right choice, left him feeling uncertain about his own life’s next mission. Smith consulted with other successful industry leaders who had experience redefining their focuses and discovered that one of his biggest personal values was championing underserved and overlooked individuals and families.

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Life's Most Important Lesson Learned at a Young Age

06/28/2018 - LinkedIn Article

Since serving on Intuit’s diversity council almost 20 years ago, Brad D. Smith always arrives at the same conclusion about the significance of diversity and inclusion: the true power of our differences happens below the surface of what we most easily observe about others.

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Three Ways to Prepare the Next Generation for the Future

05/21/2018 - LinkedIn Article

No one achieves greatness on their own, and as a community-driven business leader, Brad D. Smith has had the privilege of learning from the employees and customers of the future.

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Three Ways Being a Parent Made Me a Better Leader

03/02/2018 - LinkedIn Article

Reflecting back on raising children, it has become clear to Brad D. Smith that many of the lessons that he's learned from being a parent apply equally to the work environment.

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How to Build an All Star Team

01/03/2018 - LinkedIn Article

One of the most important differences between a “Team of All Stars” and an “All Star Team” is the latter’s ability to express vulnerability between members to secure trust in support of shared goals.

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